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Steel, cast steel and cast iron - technical translator from Polish

Translation of Polish steel, cast-steel and cast-iron related terms with proper definitions. Polish technical translator

Proszek żelazny - iron powder.

Stal - steel - Alloy of iron and carbon in which the carbon content ranges up to 2% (1,5% in practise). Alloys with higher carbon content are called cast iron (żeliwo). Another defining feature of steel is the fact, that steel is sold after plastic working. Cast steel (staliwo) is, on the other hand, intended for casting..

Stal aluminiowa - aluminized steel, aluminium steel - Is galvanised with aluminium.

Stal austenityczna - austenitic steel - A type of stainless steel, which has an austenitic structure mixed with ferrite (some don't contain the ferrite at all, thus being "fully austenitic"). Typically contains 16 to 26% chromium and up to 35% nickel. Very resistant to corrosion, non-magnetic and non-hardenable.

Stal austenityczno-ferrytyczna - austenitic-ferritic steel - Also called duplex steel. A type of stainless steel, which structure is a combination of austenite (50-70%) and ferrite (30-50%). Duplex steel combines the features of austenitic and ferritic steels.

Stal automatowa - free-cutting steel, easy-machining steel, free-machining steel, resulfurized steel - Has very high machinability, thus is suitable for automatic processing without human interaction and with very little oversight. Fasteners are usually made from free machining steel.

Stal azotowana - nitrided steel - Steel treated by a surface hardening process known as nitriding.

Stal bainityczna - bainitic steel - Steel with an unusuall structure of nano-bainitic plates and thin-film of austenite sandwiched between bainite sheaves. Bainitic steels are transformed at very low temperature and offer good combination of strenght and ductility. The main drawback of this structure is the long transformation time.

Stal bardzo miękka - extra-soft steel, dead soft steel; See more: Stal miękka.

Stal besemerowska - bessemer steel - Produced in a Bessemer converter.

Stal budowlana - structural steel; See more: Stal konstrukcyjna budowlana.

Stal całkowicie uspokojona - full killed steel, dead killed steel.

Stal cementowa - blister steel - Steel made by the carburization of bar-iron in a converting-furnace, the iron being heated in contact with charcoal.

Stal chromowa - chromium steel - Contains chromium as the main alloying addition.

Stal chromowo-niklowa - chromium-nickel steel - Contains chromium and nickel as main alloying additions.

Stal cyrkonowa - zirconium steel - Contains zirconium as the main alloying addition.

Stal czteroskładnikowa - ternary steel.

Stal damasceńska - damascene steel - Produced in the Middle East in Middle Ages ; See more: Stal tyglowa.

Stal diamentowa - extra-hard steel.

Stal do azotowania - nitriding steel - Elements from this steel can be nitrided.

Stal do głębokiego tłoczenia - deep-drawing steel; See more: Stal głębokotłoczna.

Stal do hartowania w wodzie - water-hardening steel.

Stal do nawęglania - case-carburizing steel, carburizing steel, case-hardening steel - Elements from this steel can be carburized, to enhance the strength of the surface.

Stal do normalizowania - normalizing steel - Elements from this steel can be normalized.

Stal do ulepszania cieplnego - toughening steel - Elements from this steel can be toughened.

Stal drobnoziarnista - fine-grained steel - It's grains have a low tendency to grow.

Stal dzika - wild steel.

Stal elektrotechniczna - electrical steel, electric steel, arc electric steel - Has specific magnetic characteristics and is used in electrical engineering, main alloying additions are silicon or silicon and aluminium.

Stal eutektoidalna - eutectoid steel - Has full pearlitic microstructure and 0,77% carbon content.

Stal ferrytyczna - ferritic steel - A type of stainless steel, which has ferritic structure. Has low carbon content, at least 10,5% oc chromium and usually no nickel. Ductile and magnetic. Can't be toughened. Less resistant to corrosion than austenitic steel.

Stal głęboko hartująca się - deep hardening steel - Suitable for deep hardening.

Stal głębokotłoczna - deep-drawing steel - Suitable for deep-drawing. Usually has high normal strain ratio rn; Alternatively - stal do głębokiego tłoczenia.

Stal grafityzowana - graphitized steel, graphitic steel.

Stal gruboziarnista - brittle timber steel - It's grains have high tendency to grow.

Stal Hadfielda - hadfield steel - Wear-resistant steel grade designated as X120Mn13. Has 12*13% of manganese and 1.1-1.2% of carbon. Used for excavator baskets, tractor crawlers, turnouts, etc.

Stal handlowa - commercial steel - Is worse than quality steel (stal jakościowa), which can be related to higher phosphorus and sulfure content. Nowadays in Europe the standards don't define commercial steel and only make a distinction between "quality" and "special" steel (stal specjalna), with the special being the better one. All steel grades of common quality were included into quality steel set; Alternatively - stal przemysłowa, stal techniczna.

Stal hartowana - quenched steel, hardened steel - Such described elements were quenched.

Stal hartująca się w oleju - oil-hardening steel.

Stal jakościowa - quality steel - According to relatively new European standards, quality steel (of certain type) have to meet lower expectations than a special steel (stal specjalna); Alternatively - stal wyższej jakości.

Stal kobaltowa - cobalt steel - High speed steel, with cobalt being a defining alloying addition. it makes it more heat resistant, harder and more wear resistant, allowing higher cutting speed.

Stal konstrukcyjna - constructional steel - Engineered for structures and industrial machinery.

Stal konstrukcyjna budowlana - structural steel - Designed for structures; Alternatively - Stal budowlana.

Stal konstrukcyjna maszynowa - machine steel, machinery steel - Designed for industrial machinery.

Stal konstrukcyjna niskoperlitowa - pearlite reduced structural steel, prs steel.

Stal konwertorowa świeżona tlenem - oxygen steel.

Stal konwertorowa - converter steel - Produced in a converter.

Stal kotłowa - boiler steel - Heat-resistant and creep-resistant .

Stal kowalna - forge steel.

Stal krzemowa - silicon steel - Contains silicon as the main alloying addition.

Stal krzemowo-manganowa - silico-manganese steel - Contains silicon and manganese as main alloying additions.

Stal kwasoodporna - acid resistant steel - Resistant to common acids. Nowadays in Europe (thus in Poland as well), the norms don't specify "acid resistant steels" like they used to, instead, they are included into stainless steel category.

Stal kwaśna - acid steel - Melted in an acid furnace.

Stal lana - cast steel; See more: Staliwo.

Stal ledeburytowa - ledeburitic steel - A type of tool steel with quaternary carbides, which makes it more hardenable.

Stal łożyskowa - bearing steel - Hard, homogenous and hardenable; Alternatively - stal na łożyska toczne.

Stal ługoodporna - alkali-resisting steel - Resistant to strong alkalis, such as sodium hydroxide.

Stal magnetyczna - magnetic steel - Has special magnetic properties.

Stal magnetycznie miękka - soft magnetic steel - Quickly responds to applied magnetic field.

Stal magnetycznie twarda - hard magnetic steel - Has high magnetic energy density and can be used for permanent magnets.

Stal manganowa - manganese steel - Contains manganese as the main alloying addition.

Stal manganowo-chromowa - manganese-chromium steel - Contains manganese and chromium as main alloying additions.

Stal maraging - maraging steel, - Strong and ductile. "Maraging" comes from "martensitic ageing", so it's an aged martensitic steel, aging being an extended heat-treatment; Alternatively - stal martenzytyczna starzona.

Stal martenowska - open-hearth steel - Produced in an open-hearth furnace.

Stal martenzytyczna - martensitic steel - A subset of stainless steels with the structure partially or fully martensitic. The chemical compund is similar to ferritic steel, but the carbon content is higher, typically from 0.08 to 1.2%. Strong and suitable for toughening, but is less resistant to corrosion than other types of stainless steel.

Stal martenzytyczna starzona - martensitic ageing steel; See more: Stal maraging.

Stal matrycowa - die steel, die-block steel.

Stal matrycowa do kucia na gorąco - hot-work die steel; See more: Stal narzędziowa.

Stal miedziowa - copper steel - Contains copper as the main alloying addition.

Stal miedziowo-niklowa - hi-steel - Contains copper and nickel as main alloying additions.

Stal miękka - mild steel, soft steel.

Stal mikrostopowa - micro-alloyed steel - Contains a small concentration of alloying additions (0.05-0.15%), including niobium, tungsten, titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, boron and REM, to improve microstructure.

Stal molibdenowa - molybdenum steel - Contains molybdenum as the main alloying addition.

Stal mrozoodporna - low-temperature steel, steel tough at subzero - Designed to operate in very low temperature down to -269°C.

Stal na blachy głębokotłoczne - deep-drawing steel; See more: Stal głębokotłoczna.

Stal na koła zębate - gear steel.

Stal na łopatki turbin gazowych - turbine-blade steel.

Stal na łożyska toczne - bearing steel; See more: Stal łożyskowa.

Stal na magnesy trwałe - permanent-magnet steel.

Stal na narzędzia tnące - cutting steel.

Stal na narzędzia wykończające - finishing tool steel.

Stal na nity - rivering steel.

Stal na noże, stal nożowa - cutlery steel.

Stal na przebijaki - punch steel.

Stal na przecinaki - chisel steel.

Stal na rury - tube steel.

Stal na szyny - rail steel; See more: Stal szynowa.

Stal na śruby - screw steel.

Stal nadeutektoidalna - hyper-eutectoid steel - Is produced by cooling austenite with carbon content higher than 0.77%.

Stal najwyższej jakości - high-quality steel, high-grade steel - Marketing term.

Stal nakrywana - plugged steel, cooler plated steel, capped steel - Is capped during steelmaking.

Stal narzędziowa - tool steel - Engineered for hand and machine tools. Hard and hardenable.

Stal narzędziowa do pracy na gorąco - hot-work tool steel - Tools can operate in high temperature; See more: Stal narzędziowa.

Stal narzędziowa do pracy na zimno - cold work tool steel - Tools should only operate in low temperature. For hand tools mostly; See more: Stal narzędziowa.

Stal nawęglona - carburized steel - Its surface was enhanced by carburizing.

Stal nie hartująca się - non-hardenable steel.

Stal niemagnetyczna - non-magnetic steel.

Stal nierdzewna - stainless steel, rustless steel, rust-resisting steel - Broad set of steels, which are resistant to a variwty of corrosive environments.

Stal niestopowa - unalloyed steel, nonalloyed steel.

Stal nieuspokojona - effervescing steel, open-poured steel, rimming steel - Has not been deoxidized, so during solidification a reaction occurs between carbon and oxygen causing carbon monoxide to elovle rapidly from the ingot, in contrast to killed steel (stal uspokojona).

Stal niklowa - nickel steel - Contains nickel as the main alloying addition.

Stal niklowo-chromowa - nickel-chromium steel - Contains nickel and chromium as main alloying additions.

Stal niskochromowa - low-chromium steel.

Stal niskostopowa - low-alloy steel - According to Polish standards, low-alloy steel has max 3,5% of alloying additions (carbon not included), and a single alloying addition can't take more than 2% of the composition.

Stal niskostopowa o podwyższonej wytrzymałości - hsla steel, high-strength low-alloy steel.

Stal niskowęglowa - low-carbon steel - Unalloyed steel with carbon content from 0.05 to 0.30%.

Stal normalizowana - normalized steel.

Stal normalna - normal steel.

Stal o dużej wytrzymałości - high-tensile steel, hts, high-strength steel.

Stal obrabialna cieplnie - heat-treatable steel.

Stal obręczowa - hoop steel, banding steel, tyre steel.

Stal odlewana sposobem ciągłym - strand cast steel.

Stal odporna na starzenie - age-resisting steel.

Stal ogólnego przeznaczenia - general-purpose steel.

Stal okrętowa - ship steel.

Stal ołowiowa - lead-bearing steel, ledloy.

Stal oszczędnościowa - alternate steel - Used as a cheaper alternative; Alternatively - stal zastępcza.

Stal perlityczna - pearlitic steel.

Stal platerowana - clad steel - Composite of few metals, for example steel and aluminium.

Stal płytko hartująca się - shallow-hardening steel.

Stal podeutektoidalna - hypo-eutectoid steel - Is produced by cooling austenite with carbon content under 0.77%.

Stal pospolita - tonnage steel; See more: Stal zwykłej jakości.

Stal półaustenityczna - semi-austenitic steel.

Stal półferrytyczna - semi-ferritic steel.

Stal półuspokojona - semi-killed steel, balanced steel, semi-rimming steel - Has been deoxidized, but no completely, so during solidification a limited reaction occurs between carbon and oxygen.

Stal prądnicowa - dynamo steel.

Stal prętowa - bar steel, rod iron, bar iron'.

Stal próżniowa - vacuum-melted steel, vacuum-treated steel - Degassed in vacuum.

Stal przegrzana - overheated steel - Overheated during heat treatment.

Stal przemysłowa - commercial steel; See more: Stal handlowa.

Stal przepalona - burnt steel.

Stal przetleniona - overoxidized steel.

Stal pudlarska - puddled steel, knobbled iron, puddling iron; See more: Stal zgrzewna.

Stal resorowa - vehicle spring steel.

Stal rosnąca - rising steel; See more: Stal nieuspokojona.

Stal samohartowna - air-hardening steel.

Stal sorbityczna - sorbitic steel.

Stal spawalna - weldable steel.

Stal specjalna - special-purpose steel.

Stal sprężynowa - spring steel - A subset of alloy steels, suitable for toughening, engineered for springs. Tension resistant, wear-resistant, with high yield strength.

Stal srebrzanka - bright steel, silver steel - High gloss polished.

Stal starzejąca się - ageing steel.

Stal stopowa - alloy steel - Contains iron, carbon and alloying addition introduced intentionally to improve properties. The minimum limit values constituting the given grade a alloy one vary.

Stal stopowa do azotowania - nitralloy.

Stal szybkotnąca - high-speed steel, rapid tool steel - Very resistant to abrasion and can withstand temperature up to 600 °C without losing its temper. Often used for power-saw blades and drill bits.

Stal szynowa - rail steel; Alternatively - stal na szyny.

Stal średniostopowa - medium-alloy steel - According to Polish-European standards, low-alloy steel has max 12% of alloying additions (carbon not included), and one alloying addition takes 2-8% of the composition..

Stal średniowęglowa - medium-carbon steel - Unalloyed steel with carbon content from 0.3 to 0.6%.

Stal świeżarska - ball iron.

Stal taśmowa - strip steel, band steel.

Stal techniczna - commercial steel; See more: Stal handlowa.

Stal tomasowska - thomas steel - Produced during Thomas-Gilchist process.

Stal transformatorowa - transformer steel.

Stal tyglowa - crucible steel, pot steel - Relatively high-quality steel produced in a crucible before modern techniques for production become widespread. The process involved soaking wrought iron in melted pig iron with fluxes. Damascene steel is a type of crucible steel.

Stal tytanowa - titanium steel - Contains titanium as the main alloying addition.

Stal ulepszona cieplnie - toughened steel - an element described that way was toughened, meaning quenched and tempered.

Stal uranowa - uranium steel.

Stal uspokojona - killed steel, dead steel, piping steel, solid steel - Has been treated with a strong deoxidizing agent, so during solidification no reaction occurs between carbon and oxygen, in contrast to semi-killed steel (stal półuspokojona) or rimming steel (stal nieuspokojona).

Stal wanadowa - vanadium steel.

Stal we wlewkach - ingot steel - First step in semi-finished casting products. Steel ingots are then rolled, forged or used for seamless pipes.

Stal węglowa - carbon steel, common steel - One with no alloying additions fo speak of.

Stal wieloskładnikowa - complex steel.

Stal wielowarstwowa - composite steel.

Stal wolframowa - tungsten steel, wolfram steel - Contains tungsten as the main alloying addition.

Stal wolframowo-chromowa - tungsten-chromium steel - Contains tungsten and chromium as main alloying additions.

Stal wysokochromowa - high-chromium steel.

Stal wysokogatunkowa - extra-fine steel.

Stal wysokostopowa - high-alloy steel - Alloy steel with more alloying additions than medium-alloy steel (stal średniostopowa). According to Polish-European standards, it has max 55% of alloying additions in total (carbon not included), and one alloying addition takes at least 8% of the composition.

Stal wysokowęglowa - high-carbon steel - Carbon steel with more than 0,6% of carbon content.

Stal wytopiona w rotorze - rotor steel.


Stal z dwoma składnikami stopowymi - quaternary steel - With two alloying additions, carbon not included.

Stal zanieczyszczona - dirty steel.

Stal zasadowa - basic steel - Produced in a basic (alkaline) furnace.

Stal zastępcza - alternate steel; See more: Stal oszczędnościowa.

Stal zbrojeniowa - reinforcing steel, concrete steel - Used to reinforce concrete.

Stal zgrzewalna - weld steel.

Stal zgrzewna - wrought iron, puddled steel - Form of iron that was used before the modern steelmaking techniques became widespread. Suitable for working. Produced in puddling process.

Stal zlewna - cast steel; See more: Staliwo.

Stal znormalizowana - standard steel.

Stal zwykła - ordinary steel.

Stal zwykłej jakości - tonnage steel; Alternatively - stal pospolita.

Stal żaroodporna - heat-resistant steel - Resistant to corrosion in hot corrosive environments.

Stal żarowytrzymała - creep-resistant steel - Keep good mechanical properties and resistant to creep in hot environments. Some creep-resistant alloys are also heat-resistant.

Staliwo - cast steel - Alloy of iron and carbon in which the carbon content ranges up to 2% (1,5% in practise) and with finished elements produced by casting. Alloys with higher carbon content are called cast iron (żeliwo). Cast steel is not indended for plastic working, unlike steel (stal); Alternatively - stal lana, stal zlewna.

Staliwo stopowe - alloy cast steel - Contains purposeful alloying additions.

Staliwo węglowe - carbon cast steel - Cast steel without purposefully added additions, only iron, carbon and impurities.

Surówka - pig iron - An intermediate product of the iron industry, produced by smelting iron ore in a blast furnace, teoretically having 2 to 6,67% of carbon, but in practise from 3 to 4,5%.

Surówka besemerowska - bessemer pig iron - Used for bessemer steel.

Surówka biała - white pig iron - Has carbon in a form of Fe3C or Mn3C. Used to produce steel in oxygen convertors, electric and open-hearth furnaces, or to produce high quality cast iron.

Surówka drzewnowęglowa - charcoal pig iron - High quality pig iron, to produce which charcoal was used - very good fuel containing only 2-3% of ash and up to 0,02% of sulphur and phosphorus. Only produced in countries rich in wood, like Russia.

Surówka elektropiecowa - electric furnace pig iron - Produced in an electric furnace.

Surówka fosforowa - phosphoric pig iron.

Surówka hematytowa - heamatite pig iron.

Surówka koksowa - coke pig iron - Coke was used to produce this pig iron. The quality of coke has great influence on the quality of the pig iron.

Surówka martenowska - open-heart pig iron - Has a lot of silicon, used to produce open-hearth steel.

Surówka na żeliwa ciągliwe - malleable pig iron.

Surówka nie trafiona - off-iron.

Surówka niskofosforowa - low-phosphorus pig iron.

Surówka o nietrafionym składzie chemicznym - off-analysis iron.

Surówka odlewnicza - foundry pig iron - Used to manufacture in a cupola furnace.

Surówka połowiczna - mottled pig iron - Has carbon in both grey and white form. Used to produce cast iron; Alternatively - surówka pstra.

Surówka półhematytowa - medium-phosphoric pig iron.

Surówka przeróbcza - steelmaking pig iron; See more: Surówka stalownicza.

Surówka pstra - mottled pig iron; See more: Surówka połowiczna.

Surówka stalownicza - steelmaking pig iron - Used to produce steel.

Surówka stopowa - alloy pig iron.

Surówka syntetyczna - synthetic pig iron - Produced in an electric furnace, not a blast furnace.

Surówka szara - grey pig iron - Has carbon in a form of graphite and has more silicon than white pig iron. Used to produce cast iron.

Surówka tomasowska - thomas pig iron - Used to produce thomas steel. Has a lot of phosphorus, which has a role in this particular steelmaking process.

Surówka wysokofosforowa - high-phosphorus pig iron.

Surówka wysokowęglowa - high-carbon pig iron.

Surówka z mieszalnika - mixer metal.

Surówka zasadowa - basic pig iron.

Surówka zwierciadlista - specular pig iron, spiegel - Is not a foundry pig iron, contains up to 20% of Mn and is used to produce cast iron, cast steel. Used as deoxidant.

Surówka zwierciadlista krzemowa - silicospiegel.

Topnik - flux - A substance introduced into the smelting of ores to remove impurities in the form of slag.

Żelazo - iron - Chemical element with atomic number 26.

Żelazo-59 - radioiron, iron-59 - Radioisotope of iron.

Żelazo alfa - alpha iron - Allotrope of iron, called ferrite.

Żelazo beta - beta iron - An old descriprion of alpha iron with paramagnetic properties.

Żelazo delta - delta iron - Allotrope of iron, called high temperature ferrite.

Żelazo elektrolityczne - electrolytic iron - Highly pure.

Żelazo gamma - gamma iron - Allotrope of iron, called austenite.

Żelazo gąbczaste - sponge iron - Is produced through the direct reduction of iron ore in the strong state. It is a higher quality substitute for scrap in steelmaking process..

Żelazo karbonylkowe - carbonyl iron - Highly pure iron in form of powder, prepared by chemical decomposition of purified iron pentacarbonyl.

Żelazo meteorytowe - meteoric iron.

Żelazo pudlarskie - puddled iron; See more: Stal zgrzewna.

Żelazo technicznie czyste - ingot iron - Iron containing only small proportions of impurities.

Żelazo zgrzewne - knobbled iron; See more: Stal zgrzewna.

Żeliwo - cast iron - Alloy of iron and carbon in which the carbon content ranges from 2 to 6.67% (3-4.5% in practise) and with finished elements produced by casting. Alloys with lower carbon content are called cast steel (żeliwo). Cast iron is not indended for plastic working, unlike steel (stal).

Żeliwo austenityczne - austenitic cast-iron.

Żeliwo bainityczne - bainitic cast steel - Contains bainitic microstructure; Alternatively - żeliwo iglaste.

Żeliwo białe - white cast iron - Has carbon in form of Fe3C. Very hard and brittle. It can't be worked, except grinding. It is used to cast finished elements but may also be used to produce malleable iron (żeliwo ciągliwe.

Żeliwo chromowe - chromium cast iron.

Żeliwo ciągliwe - malleable iron - Is made from white cast iron and has improved ductility. There are two types of malleable iron: Whitehearth and blackhearth malleable (żeliwo ciągliwe białe and żeliwo ciągliwe czarne.

Żeliwo ciągliwe białe - whitehearth malleable - A type of malleable iron, made by annealing white cast iron in an oxidizing atmosphere.

Żeliwo ciągliwe czarne - blackhearth malleable - A type of malleable iron, made by annealing white cast iron in a neutral atmosphere.

Żeliwo ciągliwe perlityczne - pearlitic malleable.

Żeliwo ferrytyczne - ferritic cast iron - A type of grey cast iron, where all of carbon has the form of graphite on the ferritic matrix.

Żeliwo ferrytyczne perlityczne - ferritic-pearlitic cast iron - A type of grey cast iron where carbon has the form of graphite on the ferritic-pearlitic matrix.

Żeliwo iglaste - bainitic cast steel; See more: Żeliwo bainityczne.

Żeliwo krzemowe - silicon cast iron.

Żeliwo łożyskowe - bearing cast iron; Alternatively - żeliwo przeciwcierne.

Żeliwo martenzytyczne - martensitic cast iron - Has martensitic structure.

Żeliwo maszynowe - engineering cast iron.

Żeliwo modyfikowane - inoculated cast iron - Is made by introducing nuclei into the melt in order to influence the solidification process or structural formation in the casting in a specific way, enhancing the mechanical properties.

Żeliwo niestopowe - plain cast iron; Alternatively - Żeliwo zwykłe.

Żeliwo niklowe - nickel cast iron.

Żeliwo niskokrzemowe - low-silicon cast iron.

Żeliwo niskostopowe - low-alloy cast iron.

Żeliwo odfosforzone - washed cast iron.

Żeliwo perlityczne - pearlitic cast iron - A type of grey cast iron where carbon has the form of graphite on the pearlitic matrix.

Żeliwo połowiczne - mottled cast iron - A type of grey cast iron which structure is combined of graphite, pearlite and secondary cementite; Alternatively - żeliwo pstre.

Żeliwo przeciwcierne - bearing cast iron; See more: Żeliwo łożyskowe.

Żeliwo pstre - mottled cast iron; See more: Żeliwo połowiczne.

Żeliwo sferoidalne grafityzowane - ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, s.g. iron -

Żeliwo staliste - semi-steel, ferro-steel, steeled cast iron.

Żeliwo stopowe - alloy cast iron - Contains purposefully added alloying additions.

Żeliwo szare - grey cast iron - The main characteristic is that is has a graphitic microstructure. The matrix can be ferritic, ferritic-pearlitic, pearlitic and mottled.

Żeliwo utwardzone - chilled cast iron - Is rapidly cooled from the melt; Alternatively - żeliwo zabielone.

Żeliwo wysokojakościowe - high-grade cast iron, heavy-duty cast iron, high-test cast iron.

Żeliwo wysokoniklowe - high nickel cast iron.

Żeliwo wysokostopowe - high-alloy cast iron.

Żeliwo zabielone - chilled cast iron; See more: Żeliwo utwardzone.

Żeliwo zbrojone - armoured cast iron.

Żeliwo zwykłe - plain cast iron; Alternatively - żeliwo niestopowe; See more: Żeliwo niestopowe.

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